Standing Committee

2013 – 2014

2014 Organizing Committee


Over-all Chair Jose Antonio S. Quitevis, MD
Co- Chair  Ma. Luisa D. Concepcion, MD
Scientific Committee:  
Chair:  Enrico E. Tuy, MD
Co – Chair:  Edwin V. Rodriguez, MD
Member: Ernesto d'J. Yuson, MD
  Jesus A. Relos, MD 
  Ma. Liza T. Naranjo, MD 
  Ma. Jasmin G. Ruiz, MD 
  Reynaldo C. De Castro, Jr.,MD 
  Edwin S. Trindad, MD 
  Ma. Clariza M. Santos, MD 
Ways and Means Committee:
Chair:  Rosalio P. Torres, MD
Co – Chair:  Priscilla B. Caguioa, MD
Member: Honorata G. Baylon, MD
  Narcisa Sonia C. Comia, MD 
  Rosalina P. Anastacio, MD
  Jose Antonio S. Quitevis, MD
  Reynaldo C. De Castro, Jr., MD
  Catherine C. Rosales, MD
Scientific Paper Contest (Research and Case)
Chair:  Genaro A. Bermudez, MD
Co – Chair:  Erlinda Samson-Cruz, MD
Member: Honorata G. Baylon, MD
  Katherine A. Benitez, MD
  Michelle F. Rodriguez, MD 
  Ivy Mae S. Escasa, MD 
  Maria Clariza M. Santos, MD 
Physical Arrangement and Audio Visual Committee: 
Chair:  German J. Castillo, Jr., MD
Co – Chair:  Jay Datukan, MD
Member: Jomell C. Julian, MD
  Maileen M. Roa, MD 
  Lynn B. Bonifacio, MD 
  Roxan A. Perez, MD 
Social and Hospitality Committee:
Chair:  Ma. Jasmin G. Ruiz, MD
Co – Chair:  Catherine C. Rosales, MD
Member: Edwin V. Rodriguez, MD
  Carmelita G. Calahong, MD
  Ivy Mae S. Escasa, MD
  Carmella Lou A. Bingcang, MD
Registration Committee:
Chair:  Marilou A. Abiera, MD
Co – Chair:  Ma. Luz U. Del Rosario, MD
Member: Minerva B. Ramos, MD
  Pia Angela O. Receno, MD
  Rodelia G. Lacson, MD
  Pamela Rose L. Mancio, MD
  Joseph Vincent A. Alba, MD 

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